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  • Business skills and protocol

  • Customer service and sales etiquette

  • International protocol

  • Communication skills - written and verbal

  • Presentation skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Effective networking

  • Management and leadership skills

  • Team building skills

  • Grooming and personal presentation

  • Hosting and attending events

  • Wining and dining skills





Small groups 1 - 20 interactive tailor made sessions

Large groups 20 - 200 (or more) - interactive seminar style sessions

One-to-one tuition - bespoke training for individual needs

Mentoring - regular sessions and telephone/email mentoring for individuals






Please contact us to discuss the packages available to assist new executives and their families relocating to the UK and London. Packages include cultural and etiquette lessons for the entire family to assist in their acclimatisation to their new and exciting life in the UK. Also available are VIP tours to familiarise the family with the history and major sights within their new city. 



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