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"It was an absolute pleasure to have met you yesterday. I don't have enough superlatives for the experience. It was more than a training session. You have enriched us all." Harrods

"It was one of the best trainings I've ever had throughout my 36 years of work...Thank you so much for all your efforts and mostly for being so warm and genuine while delivering the material." Blom  Bank

"Thank you very much for your wonderful delivery of the etiquette session on Friday.  I honestly have never seen the analysts so engaged, and they have been in training for five weeks now.  They were all singing your praises afterwards and some even declared you their favourite trainer for the entirety of the programme.  They really appreciated your in-depth knowledge on the subject and the way you involved them in the training rather than delivering a lecture." Credit Suisse


"I have also been singing your praises to my managers and have highly recommended they employ your services again in next year’s programme." Credit Suisse

"Many thanks for the amazing day you gave to the graduates yesterday.  The feedback has been phenomenal. Your style and candid delivery was very much appreciated by all of the graduates.  All of us (old and young) benefitted from what you shared." Wipro

"Thank you for the training sessions you delivered to my team. All my team left feeling very motivated and inspired having learnt so much from the experience." Harrods

"Thank you for your time, all the participants really appreciated your insights and found the session very interesting." Burberry

"I just wanted to say thank you for hosting one of the most memorable trainings my team and I have experienced in quite some time. We covered information that was immediately implemented, and caused everyone to become so much more aware of everyday encounters and situations." De Beers


"I fed back to corporate and we all spoke about the training on yesterday’s conference call. I wanted you to know your delivery was fun, poignant and witty which in turn, made the day fly by. You are elegant, energetic and a great listener as well. We wished we could have taken you back to our store forever!" De Beers

"Thank you for the incredible energy, we had great feedback from the teams. We will follow up to ensure the teams use it in their everyday. For now, it seems to have a good impact: NPS was 100% last week..." Burberry

"Thank you for the Etiquette lessons I have really enjoyed it. Not only was it very inspirational and authentic. But it touched me deeply because it came from the heart." Richard Mille

"I wanted to thank you very much for your support, training and wonderful personality you shared with us today. Not only are you a fantastic person, full of knowledge and always improving your art / work, but you are gifted to share with kindness. I now understand myself better, understand the others as well and how they see me." Burberry

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session and found it deeply engaging as well as relatable to my real world experiences. I’d be more interested in attending your other courses in the future. Please let me know how I can find out more." General Etiquette Delegate

"Thank you for your wonderful training. It was such a delight listening to your pleasant British voice. You really presented the training content as well as to your interesting personal stories in a very natural, warm and sympathetic way. We all loved it!" Montblanc

"I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful ‘etiquette’ session. The client absolutely LOVED it." Advent International

"Thanks so much for meeting with us and sharing some of your knowledge, I don’t doubt anyone who manages to have a training session with you comes away happier and with more confidence than when they went in." Vitality Health Insurance

"It was a pleasure to be part of the training earlier. I thought you were fantastic, engaging and throughly entertaining. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Selfridges

"Thank you for a brilliant training at Harrods today, it was truly inspirational." Harrods

 "It was our pleasure to have you with us here, and get the chance to attend this amazing training, the team was truly inspired." Burberry Middle-East

"Thank you for your time and insights this morning. As my personality profile duly noted, I went in somewhat sceptical but walked out enlightened. I’ll never look at a handshake the same again! Thank you for making etiquette more interesting than I ever thought it could be." General Etiquette Delegate

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team, especially to yourself. We presented you with a plethora of different tasks and personalities to work with and with ALL you were patient and gracious." Media Circus

"Just a big thank you from all of us for your time and guidance today. As Einstein said " if you cannot explain it simply you do not understand it well enough " Bearing in mind the diverse background of today's delegates your expertise was evident . You made everything a seamless process in what can be a particularly difficult subject for some people to grasp . I never tire of a good orator." De Beers Diamond Jewellers

"On behalf of our Paris team we wanted to thank you for the Etiquette training that we had yesterday. We appreciated your professionalism and the way you presented the information in both playful and educational form." Burberry


"I just wanted to send you a message to thank you so very much for the wonderful two days that we spent with you last week learning about Business Etiquette. It really was such a useful training and I now feel far more confident and comfortable using the skills that you have taught us in my day to day role. I have truly learnt some fascinating and incredibly helpful skills from you and once again many thanks for your valuable time." Burberry

"Thank you for such an enjoyable day on Saturday, it was  both enlightening as well as fun and I have told everyone all about it over the past two days." General Etiquette Delegate

"Just wanted to say thank you for the Etiquette training you delivered last Friday here at Harrods. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I have spent the whole bank holiday weekend brushing up on my general knowledge and getting myself a 'day book' so that I can make myself more accountable. The content was insightful and practical." Harrods

"Thank you for the life changing workshop on General Etiquette on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" ITEB Ltd

"I'm writing to express my appreciation and to reiterate how much I enjoyed The General Etiquette Course yesterday - I thoroughly enjoyed the course and particularly enjoyed your delivery style and techniques." General Etiquette Delegate

"I have attended many personal development courses through the duration of my career, but felt yesterday's workshop was particularly enjoyable due to your gifted interpersonal skills and delightful manner in leading the group. I wanted to thank you in person yesterday, but it was quite busy as the other attendants were leaving so I thought I'd write today instead." General Etiquette Delegate

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful class I had last week about general etiquette , it was one of the most enjoyable class I ever had . I learned a lot , and I'm going to be very glad to attend more classes with you ." General Etiquette Delegate

"We were delighted to attend your seminar. It left a great impact on all of us due to the rich content and your amazing way of delivering the training. The attendees were greatly affected by your attitude, your communication skills, and your knowledge of the topic." Blom Bank

"Your presence and contribution were extremely beneficial and inspiring." Blom Bank

"It has been a while since I enjoyed such an interactive workshop with a very charismatic facilitator, who lead her two days in a very smooth and efficient way. " Blom Bank

"Thank you so much for the training workshop you kindly put on for us last Friday. It was fantastic and we all loved it!" Global Media Group

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