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Etiquette isn't just about how to hold your knife and fork

It's about savoir-faire and joie-de-vivre

It's about minding your French

From board meetings to bored meetings

From client lunches to client launches

From Essex to Wessex

It's adding sparkle to your debacle


We can turn our hand to any topic to provide amusing, entertaining and educational content


Gardening Etiquette for Cuprinol

Snotiquette for LLoyds Pharmacy

Bratiquette for Mumsnet

Royal Etiquette for Minions The Movie

Drunken Dining Etiquette for Kingsman The Movie

Sensational Swiss Etiquette for Ricola

We've handled serious CEOs, pompous princesses, loathsome lawyers, dithering doctors, perfectionist PAs, crazy consultants, belligerent bankers, Barbie barristers, you name it, we've cracked it,

and we're waiting for our next challenge...

Press Launches

We've helped many household brands introduce new products to market.

Make it memorable and fun!

Corporate Events

Highly interactive, team games, team quizzes

Historical facts, cultural quizzes, team building, prizes throughout

A series of speeches (fun to serious) or fun staff activities or reward

Any theme is possible.

Just make it memorable and fun!


After Dinner Speeches

Any topic, any theme, hilarity guaranteed.

For light relief, a huge amount of learning, and a brilliant ice breaker,

our CEO (lawyer, philanthropist and bonne viveuse) is a guaranteed success. 

Click here to see full client list 


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